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german creative community

YEAH! der OST:BLOG ist in die Riege der "very best german websites" aufgenommen worden.
Siehe: http://www.deformat.net.
Wer immer das ist, auf jeden Fall: coole Seite, THX! :)

About the deformat project.
The main approach of the deformat-project is to log the very best german websites and make this selection accessible for a worldwide audience.
We mostly focus on the german creative community / business and have put up a few rules regarding what websites are worth to be named "very best website":
# Quality of design / Inspirational / Creative value
# Innovative value
# Quality of editorial content
# Cultural and/or educational value

We also have included some sections with international entries, which may be relevant for the german creative community:
# launchpads
# awards
# events

We hope you will find this site useful. Thanks and enjoy.

Remember: We´re not responsible for the content of the sites which are linked here.

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