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Ein Projekt von SP 38

After “vive la bourgeoisie“ The NO PROPAGANDA PROJECT too much words lost ? for nothing… too much expressions misunderstood … too much stars anonymous …

“ NO PROPAGANDA “ And the world will be a preview or not …

The action is planetary but wants to be globally. In front of so much light consummation and visual and virtual gavage – sumptuous and expensive – there is a need in reacting with a campaign of sticking placards, which shows but doesn’t encourage. Art to provide help to consumers and non-consumers, which presents like nonsense or an allegory of non-advertising, claiming an anti-advertising message for a non-public by the means of primary communication and visible (very visible) for everybody everywhere.

art like a useless propaganda – or propaganda like a useful piece of art.
… finding in a antediluvian gesture imaginary art in a primary and universal communication …

As a big campaign, but for nothing , derision and NO-fun …
SP 38 , October 08

Ein Projekt von SP 38

Ein Projekt von SP 38

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